Other Publications

Over the years ALA International has produced numerous publications and articles. If you would like further information on any of the publications listed below please contact us

  • Peer Group Learning in Roche Pharmaceutical, Shows how action learning is being used to supplement a London Business School personal development programme (2005)
  • How the Japanese Optimise Productivity, George Boulden, Finance Today, June 2005, Ed Robert Heller
  • Thinking Creatively, George P Boulden, Essential Manager Series, Dorling Kindersley, 2002
  • Business: The Ultimate Resource, Bloomsbury, 2002 (Section on Action Learning)
  • Industrial Restructuring in the Czech Republic, Action Learning in Practice, Third Edition, Ed. Mike Pedlar, Gower 1997
  • Managing Consulting – A guide to the profession, edited by Milan Kubr, International Labour Office, Third (revised) edition 1996
  • Power to the Manager, Empowering Leadership – The Performance Management Approach, George P Boulden, Manufacturing Engineer, June 1993
  • The Cultural Issues Surrounding the Creation of World Class Organisations, Boulden G.P, International Productivity Journal, 1993-1
  • Productivity Through People – The Indicators, Boulden G.P, International Productivity Journal, Vol. 191-111
  • Introducing the Market Economy in Czechoslovakia: The Experience of working with Three Enterprises, Boulden G.P, Iman S C, Cal Ploy Scholar, Vol. 4, Fall 1991
  • The Managers Changing Role in Human Resource Development, Boulden G.P. The Complete Guide To Modern Management, Ed. Heller Robert, Mercury, 1991
  • How to Develop Managers, George Boulden, The Complete Guide to Modern Management, Ed. Robert Heller, Harrap, 1988
  • The Application of Action Learning – a Practical Guide, Boulden G. P. and Lawlor A., International Labour Organisation (Man Dev 46), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Surviving in a Changing World, Boulden G.P., and Lawlor A., Leadership and Organisation Development Journal, Vol.3 No.5 1982
  • Creating Work in the 80’s, Boulden G.P. and Lawlor A., European Management Journal: Vol. 1 No. 1 Summer 1982
  • Company Revival: Two Firms Take a Fresh Approach, Lawlor A., Boulden G.P., and Steel D., Works Management, July 1981
  • Organisational Change, Don’t be Afraid to Rock the Boat, Lawlor A, and Boulden G.P., Works Management 1981
  • How Action Learning Can Teach Firms, Boulden G.P., Management Today Feb. 1981

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