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This site reflects our forty years’ experience with Action Learning, or as it is also known, Action Reflection Learning. Unlike traditional training, Action Learning is holistic, focusing on the 'complete' person or organisation. The process of Action Learning enables them to identify the knowledge, skills, experience and behaviour necessary to be successful and empowers them to achieve. In it's personal development form it uses the participant's 'day job' or a specific project as the learning vehicle through which participants are able to identify what they need to know or be able to do to be successful. In its organisational development mode the focus is on the new knowledge and skills the organisation needs to prosper and the values and behaviours it needs to adopt to be successful.

Action Learning empowers change. It enables us to let go of the past and embrace the future

Learning in Action - Helping people to help themsleves

Action Learning empowers people; it frees them from the constraints of traditional thinking and enables them to both develop themselves and optimise the performance of their organisations. We have successfully run both Personal Development and Organisational Change, what we call In-Plant programmes, in many different parts of the world in widely differing cultures and languages and in every case those involved have responded enthusiastically to the opportunity to help themselves. We are happy to share this experience with you.

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2022 a Year of opportunity for Action Learning

2021 saw another year of Covid which finished with the decision to ‘stop worrying’ about it and get on with re-building the economy. To deliver this we have re-shuffled the Government, which is now promising to deliver all the things the old one was not able to. In addition to these challenges, management in both the Private and Public sectors are facing something new; employees want to ‘do it their way’.

It seems to me that working from home under Covid has awakened millions of people to the fact that ‘life is not a rehearsal’. What we don’t do this time round we won’t be here to do next time so let’s ‘do it our way’ or at least some of the time. Today’s people have had a taste of ‘freedom’ and as Fred Herzberg said a ‘goodie’ once given becomes a right. People want to be involved in the decisions that impact their lives and they are now doing something about it.

The Great Resignation tells us that millions of people are opting out of traditional jobs and seeking more meaningful ways of spending their lives and an increasing number of companies are responding. They have either introduced or are testing ideas like a Four Day Week and Home / Office rota’s. Like it or not people are no longer prepared to be treated like the furniture; change is coming, and management needs to adapt to it.

Involvement is not new. The Japanese introduced it to the manufacturing world nearly fifty years ago and used it to optimise productivity in making things; it’s just taken a long time to reach white collar workers. This is 2022 not 1922. Today people want to be recognised as having not only hands but also brains and these brains are not limited to their specialism, whatever that may be. As Fujio Cho said ‘Many small brains are superior to a few big ones, let’s use them all. This is particularly important when thinking of changing working practices. Management clearly has the right to decide the WHAT decisions that impact the lives of their people but everyone who will be affected by the changes needs to be involved in the HOW the changes are implemented; ‘Involvement’ leads to ownership which creates the commitment is essential for success.

Action Learning can help. Reg Revans recognised that to optimise the performance of organisations it is necessary to break the Boss / Subordinate values barriers between people working at different levels. Action Learning achieves this by linking the people who will be impacted by the change with those who have the authority to make those changes. Action Learning empowers those in power to break through the values of the past and replace them with the values of tomorrow. Using Action Learning to change the working practices of yesterday creates the opportunity not only to successfully implement working practices for today but creates a set of values relevant to tomorrow and beyond.

Are you a ‘tomorrow person’? One who recognises the need to do things differently? If you are Action Learning can provide the ‘tools’ you need to get it done.

Wishing you all you wish yourselves for 2022


April 2022

George receiving his Award in Warsaw June 2017

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