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Who are we?

ALA International was founded in 1980 by George Boulden, Alan Lawlor and Professor Reg Revans with the expressed objective of promoting the use of Action Learning in individuals and organisational development. We use ‘action learning’ to empower people and organisations to maximise their potential. Action learning is concerned with creating the conditions under which people can learn to manage themselves and their relationships with others more effectively. It aims to maximise individual and organisational productivity through empowering the people who have the problems to solve them. Our goal is to help organisations to achieve ‘productivity through people’.

What are our policies?

Our aim is to help clients to become self-sufficient in the skills and knowledge for which they sought our services. We accept only those assignments in which we believe we can make a positive contribution and which can realistically be progressed within the budgets and time scales available. Our approach is set out in our motto which is: ‘we help you to help yourselves’.

In addition we are committed to the promotion of Action Learning and offer free on line advice on all aspects of Action Learning including the design and facilitation of Action Learning programmes.

Who are our clients?

ALA International provides a world-wide service. Over the last thirty years we have run major programmes in Scandinavia, Europe East and West, Africa, Mexico, Greece, Japan and Thailand. Our portfolio of clients includes such organisations as Motorola, Schlumberger, Data General, ICL, Nortel, GPT, GEC-Marconi, Lucas Industries, STATOIL, WHO, and The International Labour Organisation and EC-PHARE.

The team

We are a partnership with an international team of associates most of whom we have worked with for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with you to deliver the results you want and we leave you with the expertise, as our moto says, ‘we help you help your selves’ next time.

George and Richard


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