Re-Engineering the Workplace

Re-Engineering the Workplace

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Re-Engineering the Workplace George Boulden

  • This book is based on our experience of running a series of Productivity Improvement programmes in the Czech Republic. The aim of the programmes was to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Japanese productivity optimisation techniques by helping line managers in Czech companies to use these techniques to improve performance. This book;
    1. Provides an insight into the Japanese approach to productivity
    2. Shows how these methods are used in practice
    3. Provides a detailed explanation of the 5 most commonly used techniques
    These techniques enable managements to understand the real potential of their resources and to put in place programmes to optimise this.  
  • ALA International Publishing
  • July 8, 2009
  • 60 pages

About the author:

George has been using Action Learning to empower managers and their organisations to be the best, for over thirty years. He has written numerous articles about his experiences and contributed to many books on the subject. In addition he has published a number of books about Action Learning and Personal Development through his company ALA International. In his latest book, 'Change; Become a Winner' he presents the philosophy of the Action learning 'Own Job' model as a vehicle for personal development.

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