Motivation Survey – Individual

Motivation Survey – Individual

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Motivation Survey - Individual George Boulden

  • This survey is designed to help managers to understand the factors motivating people at work and that these factors change with circumstances. What is important to an individual today will be less important in different circumstances. Thus all job need to offer a range of ‘motivating factors’ if people are to find them satisfying in the medium term. The survey can be used with work groups to develop understanding or at a departmental or organisational level where managers would like to assess job satisfaction.  
  • ALA International Publishing
  • November 1, 2015
  • 2 pages

About the author:

George has been using Action Learning to empower managers and their organisations to be the best, for over thirty years. He has written numerous articles about his experiences and contributed to many books on the subject. In addition he has published a number of books about Action Learning and Personal Development through his company ALA International. In his latest book, 'Change; Become a Winner' he presents the philosophy of the Action learning 'Own Job' model as a vehicle for personal development.

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