Our Webinar Experience – Results

Our Webinar Experience – Results

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https://ala-international.com/blog-update-results/ Our Webinar – Results

The Results are disappointing; it’s certainly not the success we were hoping for. After 37,894 impressions on Linkedin and an investment of £58 and a similar investment by Richard on Facebook we had 22 clicks and only one sign up. So what have we learnt?

  1.    Firstly, we made the fundamental error of trying to sell what we had rather than finding out what our potential clients might like to buy. An unforgivable mistake! Having said that, we did go through the market research step, and found there is no easily identifiable “hungry” market of any size to speak of out there. All research tools turned blanks with Action Learning and related search terms. Nevertheless, we “boldly went where no-one has gone before,” with predictable outcomes.
  2.   Secondly our approach to the market was too little too late. We spent enormous time on preparation which in the end was not needed; we only started our marketing effort on 11th November for a Webinar on the 19th, assuming we had to be ready well before Christmas I had no success in the first three days and had to change my advertising picture to start to get any clicks. Richard did better on Facebook with 16 clicks, but only one sign up. Clearly we started too late (one month in advance is the recommended advance warning) and we did not do enough, and not the right things yet, either in this first dabble.
  3.   Thirdly it is clear that Action Learning in its current persona does not have the ‘wow’ factor necessary to excite our target audience and we did not promote it very well either.
  4.   Fourthly, in the end, Action Learning is nothing more than a means to an end, and identifying people who look for that end is what it is about, developing people or people developing themselves. Ultimately it is about being more successful, as Bob Proctor likes to quote Earl Nightingale: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Now this is a big niche, with a great potential, the trick is to tap it.

So what do we do now? We will not run any more or our planned webinars. After Christmas we will think again about how we might stimulate more interest in Action Learning. In the run up to Christmas we will create a promo page on our website for my book Change; Become a Winner and see what happens with that.

As a result of our project, Richard has a fully functional tried and tested webinar ‘package’; which he will seek to market. So if anyone has a product or service that they feel could be sold on the web give him a call.
Finally, we both feel that this has been a very interesting and rewarding experience. We certainly made some mistakes but we have both enjoyed the experience and for me as Hercule Poirot often says, it keeps the little grey cells working.

About the author:

George has been using Action Learning to empower managers and their organisations to be the best, for over thirty years. He has written numerous articles about his experiences and contributed to many books on the subject. In addition he has published a number of books about Action Learning and Personal Development through his company ALA International. In his latest book, 'Change; Become a Winner' he presents the philosophy of the Action learning 'Own Job' model as a vehicle for personal development.

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