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What's new in Action Learning?

Life was not easy in the ‘productivity through people’ world before Brexit and since we embarked on our journey to Brexit things have become worse. There are great opportunities for consultants who provide ‘technical’ services especially for those in and around the Brexit ‘gold mine’. Sadly, for those of us who focus on productivity through empowerment there is little interest and this will not change, I believe, in the foreseeable It is very interesting that the UK Government is talking about productivity but like Brexit, no one really knows what it means.

From a personal perspective I was very happy to be invited in June to attend a Conference in Warsaw run by Global Executive Learning’s Director Dr Yury Boshyk and his team. It was very stimulating to be amongst people who are motivated to achieve and have a clear sense of where they are going. My role was to talk about how we have used Action Learning to deliver organisational change which led to a number of questions about the sustainability of such programmes. Since the conference I have been asking myself why? It seems to me that it’s a problem of managing style. Change programmes in the main are all about developing a more participative style of management in order to improve productivity. This is not suited to the leadership style of many traditional managers so the message is, if organisations want change programmes to work, they must also be prepared to change some of their managers. For a more detailed explanation, please see my latest blog – ‘Why do OD Programmes Often Fail?’

In addition I was very honoured to be presented with the Robert L (les) Dilworth Award for Outstanding Achievement – In recognition of exceptionally valuable contribution to Executive Development and Action Learning Worldwide.

Receiving my award with Yury Boshyk and Charles s Margerison .

In addition, we have recently published an updated version of our books Change; Become and Winner and Empowering Change through Facilitation.

That’s it for now, Take care and enjoy

George, October 2017

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