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This site reflects our forty years’ experience with Action Learning, or as it is also known, Action Reflection Learning. Unlike traditional training, Action Learning is holistic, focusing on the 'complete' person or organisation. The process of Action Learning enables them to identify the knowledge, skills, experience and behaviour necessary to be successful and empowers them to achieve. In it's personal development form it uses the participant's 'day job' or a specific project as the learning vehicle through which participants are able to identify what they need to know or be able to do to be successful. In its organisational development mode the focus is on the new knowledge and skills the organisation needs to prosper and the values and behaviours it needs to adopt to be successful.

Learning in Action - Helping people to help themsleves

Action Learning empowers people; it frees them from the constraints of traditional thinking and enables them to both develop themselves and optimise the performance of their organisations. We have successfully run both Personal Development and Organisational Change, what we call In-Plant programmes, in many different parts of the world in widely differing cultures and languages and in every case those involved have responded enthusiastically to the opportunity to help themselves. We are happy to share this experience with you.

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2019 an even more interesting year?

Involvement leads to ownership which creates commitment

We started 2018, at least I did, with the expectation that by now we would have a Brexit package we could live with. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Our Government, in number 10, has decided everything only to discover that MP’s of all denominations don’t like it. What is more, today’s MP’s don’t respond well to ‘whipping’. It looks as if the traditional approach to Government’ ‘my way or the highway’ will have difficulty delivering the votes needed for the Government's deal.

From a learning perspective the reasons for this ‘revolt‘ are clear. In the two and a half years since Brexit began there has been no attempt to involve anyone outside No 10. No effort to win hearts and minds; in fact involvement outside the inner circle seems to have been actively discouraged. It’s been a case of doing it to them, rather than through them. This has created the conditions for revenge psychology’ if you don’t want me today, you can’t have me tomorrow.  This has always been the preferred managing style of those in power who only value the ‘brains’ (views) of those at the top and assume that the sheep will follow, as they have always done.

What will happen now is not clear. The sheep are in rebellion and must be penned  What is clear however is that an enormous amount of time and money has been spent ‘doing’ and virtually no time has been spent ‘marketing’ helping the ‘customers’ to decide to buy. Whilst change is inevitable and we cannot change the ‘what’ we can certainly improve the ‘how’ through involvement which leads to ownership that creates commitment.

Take care and enjoy 2019

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February 2018

George receiving his Award in Warsaw June 2017

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